"Welcome to the world of TOMORROW" the world of Digital IT Application Engineering

So let’s have a look on what we are doing … we are 100+ people in T-Mobile Czech republic and Slovak Telekom. Our main scope is tech design, development, testing and servicing of client’s apps. Basically every app that is used by our mass-market clients. Main focus is on BE and integrations. From time to time we also deliver FE.

Specifically we talk about:

  • Mobile app Můj T-Mobile with 1M unique monthly users
  • All e-shops , webcares other applications available at t-mobile.cz or it’s wholesales
  • And a lot off smaller but not less important apps/components …

There 2 main tasks apart from routine delivery:

  1. Cutting our core apps into microservices with it‘s data and connected to our messaging platform.
  2. Move further to be able to delivery in more Teams into one code base without manual synchronization hell between Teams => a lot of work needed around automatization and setting process which outcome will be easier everyday life of a developer in our domain.

Jaké používáme

  • Front-end: Vue.JS & React
  • Back-end: Java (Spring Boot), partly Node.JS & Python
  • Code and pipelines are in Gitlab, for observability we use Kibana, code quality is supervised with Sonarqube, as Api GW we have WSO2, for messaging we have Kafka & finally we run our apps/services on K8S
  • Currently we trying some magics with CDC Stream Sets & Informatica

We are not looking for unicorns (as anyone), but for developers who want to participate not only on our main 2 tasks (see above). We are interested in people who wants to do interesting things with big reach, with using good technologies and practices. You can also be a tech owner and as a senior help to identify spaces for improvement and lead these improvements.

Where should I sign it?

Časté dotazy

If you have further question, don’t hesitate and contact our recruiter or hiring manager. We love to answer questions 

Based on seniority we have 1-3 rounds. Usually we can squeeze this interviews into few working days so its not an exception to have an offer 4th day after click „apply now“.
We are trying not to be as “2 guys and a dog company”, so onboarding is structured, with clear milestones and you getting deeper and deeper with your knowledge thanks to solving real things during onboarding. And of course we have a 🍕day.
I am glad that you are asking this particular question. It’s important for us to help our people grow. You can use tons of online e-learning courses (Percipio, Coursera, Learn2code) during your dedicated study time, choose from internal trainings (hard + soft skills) or use our juicy budget and visit some external training or conference.
Teams run in Scrum + we use Kanban where it’s more appropriate.
We will find out during onboarding where newcomers join teams based on their knowledge and preferences. So it’s mainly up to you what you would do. Would you like to be a code contributor or tech owner of some super hyper important service? Or both? Of course current need of TMCZ is also important.
You bet. You can rotate between teams and be up-skilled regarding to our career paths.